Traditional art has continued to exist despite changes in its form of expression over the centuries and continues to exist today. But 19. late century and 20th century the formal and conceptual changes that occurred in traditional art at the beginning of the century opened the door to different forms of art. Many currents have replaced traditional art with modern art. Impressionism, Cubism, expressionism, dada, Surrealism, and many art currents arose by distorting the form in traditional art with intellectual and stylistic differences. Dada art is an important movement that has a stance against art. The aim of the research is to find out the place of the objects of Use and the importance of the Dada art movement in moving out of the traditional style of work in art. The research was conducted by qualitative research method. In order to access the data, a literature review was conducted. According to the data obtained from the study, Dadaists followed a different path by using concepts outside of their meaning. According to a Dadaist, an object of use could be part of art. Enough to remove it from being an object of Use and present it in a different plane. Using what was meant to be was the greatest quality that set Dadaists apart from other art movements.


Ready-Made, Dada, Collage, Conceptual Art, Duchamp

Author : Fahrettin Geçen -Fahrettin GEÇEN
Number of pages: 141-151
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