While design and art constitute different areas having common bonds in terms of specific criteria, in some of the studies being conducted in relation to both of them, an image comes out where the borders in between become indefinite. In the clothing we made both in the name of design and art within said borders, it is considered that knitting technique is preferred due to having the intended form, plastic features such as elasticity and opportunities relating with production methods. It is thought that in this line, a wide space is allocated to sculpture-like approaches. While the subject is first evaluated as per the definitions of design and art concepts, with respect to the changing borders of these concepts that become indefinite, examination has been made on the plastic opportunities of hand and weft knitted textile structures. Besides, since textile structures such as hook being formed with knot system are also used in said studies, examples having less amount of knot structures have also been mentioned. In addition, the knitted structures examined are limited to women's clothing. Knitted clothing forms having sculpture-like features as being used in design and art works; have been examined through designer and artist works which have been selected as examples from certain internet sites aiming to follow up printed resources such as books and fashion magazines and current studies and by also having direct relationship with some of the artists. It has been aimed to examine 3 dimensional knitting forms coming to the forefront in the study, with respect to their interactions with sculpture art, in relation to their placement in the intermediary area in between design and art.


design, art, sculpture-like knitting, tricot, three dimensional knitting

Author : Irmak Bayburtlu -Irmak BAYBURTLU
Number of pages: 66-88
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