The main purpose of this research is to examine and analyze the importance of the spiritual materials used in the works of Joseph Beuys and show its importance in the metaphysical context. In this context, with the descriptive analysis method, the sample works of the artist were examined and interpreted, and a literature review was carried out in the relevant field. Before moving on to artistic works of Beuys, his life story was briefly mentioned. Later, in the direction of the main purpose of the research, sample works of the artist were examined and comments were obtained in this context. It is understood that the spiritual effects and reflections in the art of Joseph Beuys were triggered by an accident in Crimea. He also learned about the shaman culture from the Central Asian tribes during his period of being a prisoner of war and created a new form of expression in his art. Especially the objects he chose in his works, which are directed towards the fluxus art movement, include references to supernatural events and performs a virtually modern shaman ritual here. As a result, Joseph Beuys has produced many spiritually based works that reveal the properties of natural materials. When the concepts and symbols used by the artist in his works are considered in terms of the audience, it shows that it enables the production of many different interpretations of the work.


Joseph Beuys, Spiritual, Fluxus, Conceptual Art

Author : Mehmet AKSOY -Ali Ertuğrul KÜPELİ, Merve KÖKEN, Mehmet AKSOY
Number of pages: 54-65
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/usved.43543
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