ABSTRACT Humor is the ability to criticize and deeply question about the funny, entertaining and non-meaningful parts of life. In this context, every kind of gesture, movement, action or every event and phenomenon that makes people laugh is expressed as humor, object, form or object that makes laughter. Today, however, we call satirical expression of a defect or weakness that is not independent of humor but rather exaggerated verbally or visually (grinding). While satirical society and institutions, malfunctions, injustices or displeasure aspects of the people to be ridiculed; humor is based solely on the purpose of making you laugh. Satire aims to reflect more or less truth. In humor, it is essential to target general subjects, and in satire, to target a social issue or an issue that concerns the society or the real persons known to the majority. In order to be a good humorist and satirist, you need to have creative and quick intelligence. It is also very laborious to achieve this competence, especially in visual arts. Especially after the Republican period, the social and cultural changes experienced in our country or abroad affected Turkish painting artists who were witnesses and reflectors of that period. In the Turkish painting, the phenomenon of humor and satire going beyond the traditional caricature and transferring it to the surface with different materials and techniques in a pictorial language has been analyzed analytically and analyzed in the context of plastic images through the literature review by our three artists. A new perspective was created through the works of Fikret MUALLA, Cihat BURAK and Mevlüt AKYILDIZ, who stripped from caricature as a new form of production and synthesized satirical humor in the art of painting.


Turkish painting, Satire, Humor, Cartoon, Visual Arts,

Author : Fatih KARAKAYA -Muhammet Emin KAYSERİLİ, Fatih KARAKAYA
Number of pages: 27-53
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