Postmodern Appearance of the Tradition: Mehter

The present period points out that we are in a stage where not only societies such as ours where oral transmission predominates but also those who have much more established habits in the transfer of written culture are shaken by the foundations of their relations with history. Modernism has been replaced by postmodernism because of the frustration it caused and in the end has had unpredictable consequences not only for western societies, but also for modernization unsuccessful societies. The change / transformation caused by postmodern processes produced results that can only be compared with a fantasy of bending and twisting all known laws of nature in line with the immediate needs; on the one hand, it has paved the way for mass-scale mental processes that allow it to be rearranged according to the “instantaneous needs” on the other. If the symbolic meaning of Mehter music in this example is evaluated in this context, It will be seen that it constitutes an example that can shed some light to the problem of the reproduction of the high art forms of the past. An attempt to look at history from an anachronistic perspective it is a problem that should not be underestimated that magnificent art forms such as Mehter damage the credibility.


Mehter, Postmodernism, Anachronism

Author : özkan köse
Number of pages: 87-95
Full text:
Uluslararası Sanat ve Estetik Dergisi
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