Postmodern Collages in Social Media: Art and Fast Consumption

Postmodernism, which emerged from the 1980s onwards after modernism, focuses on being ordinary, flawed, accessible, not original and creative. In addition to this, postmodernism focuses on the rapid reproduction of mass production with the effect of tectonology and fabricated production and uniformization in consumption. After mass production, the rapid consumption of the products has become one of the habits of the individuals who form the society as an integral part of daily urban life. Postmodern works of art, where the indicators of the past and the present are blended together with the classical works of art in the memory of the society, appear as reinterpretations of daily practices of two different periods. Social media as the incarnation of fast consumption in the virtual environment, is a platform where art and fast consumption are shared through postmodern collages like many experimental design works. The sculptures that have gained fame and classicism thanks to their artists and the models in the paintings are interpreted as remanufacturing in connection with fast-moving consumer goods and brands in daily life. In this study, postmodern collage designs exhibited at "" on social media will be examined through semiotic method by relating art and fast consumption.


Visual design, postmodern art, brand, cultural indicator, rapid consumption

Author : Bahar Soğukkuyu
Number of pages: 1-16
Full text:
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