In today's world where production and consumption are accelerating, the need for correct and sustainable design has started to search for new solutions. It is an incredibly intelligent system that surrounds our environment and has extended its hand to nature designers as the most experienced system. After millions of years of evolution, nature has learned what works, what is appropriate and what is long-lasting (Benyus, M.J., 2013). Nature has developed methods to solve all the problems it has faced by living in the period of evolution. In order to make life easier for mankind, he designed and continues to make designs based on random methods and principles or principles. Besides creating design fiction, tutorial, example and help have always been nature. It is not possible to avoid nature while constructing the fiction of our lives. Thanks to being influenced by nature; From a city fiction to a building design, from building a robot to breathing or creating an artwork, it is possible to reach the right design solutions through nature. Since its existence, nature has been a good example for human beings. Today's biomimicry, in which we make excellent use of technology, has enabled us designers to go beyond copying their work from nature and to ensure that the mechanisms of designs are solved and sustainable in the right sense. Nowadays, in order to make designs that have universal values ​​in today's conditions, the designer should benefit from biomimetry and the supporting sciences. This article describes the emergence of designs obtained through the correct use of biomimicry in the design process, design methods and how it is used in different areas of design.


Biomimicry, biology, design, nature, architectural design, sustainable design

Author : m. atilla söğüt -İldem AYTAR SEVER
Number of pages: 17-31
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