Landscape Aesthetics and Theories in the Context of Landscape Aesthetics

Human-environment interaction is an interesting issue that needs to be investigated. Humans have some common, distinct, characteristic attitudes towards some of the special landscapes. One of the study areas on the Human-environment interaction is aesthetics. In addition to these, both environmental aesthetics and landscape assessment fields have rich literature that promotes valuable theories which have based on the biological and cultural explanations towards aesthetics. Some of them called as Prospect-Refuge Theory, Savvanah hypothesis, Information Processing Theory, Affective Theory, Biophilia hypotheses, Genius Locie, and Topophilia theory. In this context, this study aesthetics and landscape aesthetics has been defined and theories about landscape aesthetics has been explained with supportive results. As a conclusion of the study, the need of an umbrella theory which connects biological and cultural explanations has been highlighted.


Landscape, Aesthetics, Landscape Aesthetics, Space, Theory

Author : Hilmi Ekin Oktay -Reyhan Erdoğan, Şevin Bayram
Number of pages: 81-95
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Uluslararası Sanat ve Estetik Dergisi
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