With the effect of developing information and communication technologies, individuals are exposed to more information and stimulus in their daily lives. The main purpose of the information graphics is to make complex information more understandable and accessible. In this sense, infographics play an active role in directing people and play the role of transferring information easily. It provides great convenience to the individuals in daily life especially in terms of guiding the points to be reached. Information graphics, which are more complex than ever and are expected to guide the buyer, are important visual elements in communication. Information is now more accessible than before. In addition, the need to make complex information planned and organized has increased. Infographics prepared for this purpose is an important point for the recipient to receive the message easily. In this study, the role of infographics in communication is discussed. In today's knowledge and technology era, information processing in visualization and visualization, the way of using and types of data processors is the basic subject of the study. Within the scope of the study, the literature review and infographics were presented together with the samples, and evaluated on color, typography, form and position, and their role in communication was evaluated.


Infographic, Data Visualization, Communication

Author : sevim karaalioğlu -Arş. Gör. Sevim Karaalioğlu
Number of pages: 46-56
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