Artists Using 3d Printer Technology in Contemporary Ceramic Art and Works

It cannot be determined how accurate it is to limit the concept of Contemporary Art to a certain date or to deal with the beginning of the doors opened by certain people. Because all the occurrences are following each other and this process is still continuing. This causality, which is effective in all branches of art, is valid in Ceramic Art. The art of ceramics and ceramics began to change and evolve together with human beings. Three-dimensional printing (3D printing), unlike traditional production methods, has been mentioned in production technologies in recent years, especially for a group of production technologies known as "additive manufacturing", which is preferred in the interpretation of the design before mass production and in the preparation of prototypes. is a term used. Nowadays, it is possible to produce three-dimensional object using computer-aided, digital methods by using different materials such as plastic, metal and ceramic. Nowadays, it can be said that ceramic production using three-dimensional printer technology is very new. Many machine manufacturers collaborate with workshops and artists to develop projects and develop projects. This article from Turkey and the world, works in three-dimensional printing machine given examples of ceramics and works of artists from using the contribution to the ceramic art of this technology were examined.


Contemporary Ceramic Art, Three-dimensional printer, Ceramic, Artist

Number of pages: 123-144
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