ABSTRACT Miniature art is expressed as images among the manuscripts which has visual imagery elements such as characteristic manner, technique of painting implementation and different brush usage together. Within the scope of this thesis research, Mantıku’t-Tayr (in Persian: لطیرا منطق, The Language of Birds or The Bird Language) which is written by Persian sufi poet Feridüddîn Attâr as a poetic piece is semtinized. This work of art was created by the help of Imam Ghazali’s Risaletü't-tayr (XII. Century). The study consists of five main chapters. At first chapter which is named as introduction; the scope, the purpose and the method of the study, the general definition, historical background and contents of miniature art introduced and the correlation with Mantıku’t-Tayr also explained. At second chapter, Mantıku’t-Tayr is examined as aliterary work and the other copies at different libraries of the work referred as well. At third chapter the concepts of symbol/symbolism and the symbols within Mantıku’t-Tayr such as Simorgh are studied. Sixteen miniatures from Topkapi Palace Museum E.H.1512 allocated into eight main titles (that comes from eight different scenes) for the aim of studying at chapter six. Eventually, at fifth chapter the consequence of the study is presented and the stuy is fulfilled with bibliography and additional bibliography. Commenting on sixteen miniatures from Mantıku’t-Tayr with the approach of drawing sketches, to interpret components in the way of composition and symbols is determined as the contextural priority of this thesis research.



Yazar : Ferhat Soyer - Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Ersin Fethi Öçal
Sayfa Sayısı: 51-72
Tam Metin:
Uluslararası Sanat ve Estetik Dergisi
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