19th century has been known as the century of inventions. In this century, many scientists and researchers made several inventions that would influence life of human deeply with the inventions. Even though 20th century began with the wars, "the age of aviation and aircraft" has been initiated in 1903, at the just beginning of the century. Aerial photography expanded to aircraft with the invention of aircraft; and "perception from aircraft/aircraft view" also inspired aerial photography. As getting involved in the area of art is recognized as getting involved into the area of aesthetics and beauty, aerial photographs have a nature of document in which art and aesthetics have become integrated; and urban history, cultural heritage and natural beauties have been reflected. In this context, the use of "seaplane" as a bright and new way of travel of transportation in the world in 1920s and 1930s, is a very important case in our country to where air transport for civil and commercial purposes has also reflected by the seaplane of AEI (Societa Anonima Aero Espresso Italiana) that was established in Istanbul Büyükdere. The aerial photographs taken from AEI aircrafts have become historical documents of the urban view. Furthermore, the use of these photographs in the mapping makes the comparison of old and new city possible today.


AEI (Aero Espresso Italiana), Aircraft, Seaplane, Aerial Photography, Advertisement Graphics

Author : Tuba Yusufoğlu
Number of pages: 96-110
Full text:
Uluslararası Sanat ve Estetik Dergisi
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